Member of the Band

It was a fine Saturday morning and we had our first meeting with “Ang Molave” staff. After the meeting, I and my group mates did our assigned task for our classroom structuring. I went home at 5 pm and unexpectedly, my mother told me about something. A man, commanded by his master, came to our house looking for me, and he said, there will be a gig at Salug Daku. I was shocked. I didn’t understand. I even asked my mom if she listened very well, she might have misinterpreted the information. (by the way, I was a lead vocalist back then when I was 11) She wasn’t even sure so I really went to their house to verify what he said.

I talked to his boss, a woman. I knew that her children will have a gig at that very night because her sister just arrived from Canada and she wanted to hear them. She told me if I am available and open for the band at Salug Daku, also as a practice for this coming 60th MVTS Anniversary (We, SSG, invited them to present as alumni). She just told me that they will just pick me up at our home at 7pm. So when I got home, I immediately prepared myself.

When we already arrived at the venue, I sang and presented without practice, but still I did well. Many have astounded and my parents were very proud of me, and that felt so good. 

The very overwhelming part was they were looking for another female vocalist and glad to say, my parents agreed and I am a new member of the band. I am really happy; I never expected I would be a vocalist for the second time, after my first band, Kiddi-kazee, composed of all kid musicians, stopped playing.

Julelia Love Story #Julio Feels </3

First period in the morning, the time for our Physics. We were talking about forces, specifically to concurrent ones, so our teacher, Maam Lelia, expounded the viewpoint of the so-called state of equilibrium. She stated our lives as an example for that. She told us to balance our life, our academic life and our social life: to have a lover, going out with friends and family, enjoying life to the fullest. Then suddenly, our topic shifted to her love story way back when she was still a first year high school.

Her parents were strict and her aunt & uncle who adopted and sustained her education, were more strict than them. They don’t want her to accept courtship and have a boyfriend. Because they were professionals, they want her to focus on her education.

But she disobeyed them. She had a boyfriend when she was still a freshman, named Julio. So many words came out from people’s mouths and thrown to her: Flirt. Coquette. Dally. But she never did mind them, she knew her limits, she just wanted to have a commitment, no more beyond.

She was a top student before, but unluckily her boyfriend belonged to the last section, who always had a full basket of eggs every quiz.

When she graduated with flying colors in Bohol, they moved to Pagadian City, so she had left her man behind. They had a long distance relationship, but they were strong enough. When she went back to Bohol, Julio immediately crossed the river to visit her at her home. She found out that Julio didn’t continue his studies, due to poor ability of thinking. He was just an ordinary man, selling gravel and sand for a living. And that was the time when feelings changed.

She made him understand. She told him frankly, she was an ambitious woman. She wanted to marry a man, who is a professional, with flying colors like her. So they broke up.

Every when she went to her hometown to have a vacation, Julio was always as shy as a lame to talk to her or even look at her.

She came back to Pagadian City where she met another man, her husband today. He is also a teacher like her. They went to Bohol years after, and Julio was still the same man, digging for gravel and sand. They walked along the riverbank when they saw Julio digging. Julio then was strong enough to ask her, if the man she was with that time, was her boyfriend. She said yes.

The very heartbreaking part was when Julio told her that she was right. She made the right decision. If she stayed with him, he wouldn’t be able to marry her because he has no money. He couldn’t raise their family well. He couldn’t sustain them and satisfy their needs, especially her ambition. By the way, that time, Julio already had a wife. The were not married, and they had five children already.

I was touched. I cried. I felt so sad.

I learned, Ma’am told us that we should find a soul mate who is equal to our own pedestal level. The hurting part was, it breaks the love.

(To be honest, I was thinking about my own love story while listening. I was hurt, I made a mistake with the man having the same level with me. Idk how to express, kbye)

Torn Between Two Lovers

I hate myself for loving him, while loving the other one.

Please don’t judge me, bet you’ll feel the same if you wear my shoes.

Oftentimes, my mind drifts away to his image out of the blue; our memories, together, whatever the weather. Something makes me regret while being thankful I did it. Totally insane.

Both are absolutely, completely different from each other; totally opposite.

He is gentleman, sometimes serious sometimes humorous, totally matured, responsible, likable, respectful, courteous, trustworthy, determined, down-to-earth, always compliments me, not a singer nor a dancer but he did it for me publicly, romantic in his own way, caring and sweet, most of all he loves me like no other man could ever do; he makes me feel special, important, and protected, a husband material I can say. Probably the best man I ever knew other than my dad, for more than two years that I’ve been with him.

The other he is also caring and loving, charismatic, humorous, a guitarist and a dancer, romantic in another way, dedicated to his friends, but I guess I am more matured than him, maybe it’s because he hasn’t gone to a serious and long term relationship before like I did; he never had a clue.

But sadly, I haven’t recognized and appreciated some about the first he until we broke up. We lost communication, didn’t we? I guess I was the one who avoided him. Hundred miles between us, so feelings then faded. I felt like I’ve lost a single piece of gold left present in the whole wide world. I just realized months after I did the mistake, and told myself I can’t do anything to change what happened. I was a jerk for not letting him have another chance to lighten up our spark again for the nth time. I decided while I’m emotionally confused, and I take that as a lesson learned.

The second he was so sweet and caring and like he was willing to do everything for me before, when he was still courting me. But when he got my nod, months later, it’s like no interest anymore. He made me feel like I am just a friend just like our circle of friends. We never had the time to bond, together, just the two of us. Always a group date, always with our friends. He couldn’t stand on his own. He doesn’t always hold my hand like I want him to, he doesn’t make me feel I’m a have-it girlfriend. I know, really, how he fought for me against his parents. I know how important I am to him. But sorry I just can’t feel it.

I was a jerk and still I am. I hate myself, really. I never intended to put myself into this kind of thing. I never wanted to be in this situation.

Hey I don’t want to compare. I am not biased, I just type here the truth. I love my present, trust me. I am not fooling him, but not fully because I still love the other one, :( I am so sorry. I don’t want the same thing to happen, the same thing I did as a mistake. I don’t want to be mistaken, for the nth time. If it’s meant to be, it will be. I guess I don’t have to worry, there are still a couple of years ahead of me. We are clueless of what”s going to happen, so I just leave everything in God’s hand. I want Him to choose who’s the best for me, that I’ll never regret giving my heart wholeheartedly.


# Senior Days

Last Friday was such a good day and one of the best days in my life. We had a kick-off activity and the first part was motorcade. I led the drum corps being the acting majorette of the band. When the opening program started, I was assigned to give the opening statement. Later on, many congratulated me for my job well done and many teachers shook my hand because they said my speech was good. I was overwhelmed!
Later on, I was beautiful in blue. Another achievement for me was when I won the singing contest and on July 31, I am going to take the battle for the Grand Finals! I hope I will win, by God’s grace. :)

Mathematics Class: A Sham

A Mathematics class can be pictured out with a teacher standing in front of the students, discussing concepts of Mathematics and its application to our everyday lives.

Since I started schooling, Mathematics had been a part of learning in major classes–from conceptualizing basic principles and laws of operations up to complex formulas and functions, logical analysis and calculations; and then to intricately stated and explained hypothesis and theories of different branches of Mathematics.

Most people often say that Mathematics is the worst of all. It’s the hardest of the hardest of all. Solving is hell. It has no use in real life. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that almost all students will have their eyebrows raised during the discussion and mostly during a quiz.

Visualize a conduction of a long ambush test depicting very determined students, minding their own sake and own test paper, having fully understood the lessons on their previous discussions, showing that they all know the answers even without opening a book, a notebook and a calculator or without turning of heads; or asking from the seat mate or the teacher and finishing the test before the end of time allotted. Isn’t it surprising? Well, sorry it’s a sham.

Some people like Mathematics, just like me, but we’re talking about “majority” here. This kind of scene could really never happen in the present nor in the future. Nobody can’t really rely on himself because he doesn’t even have an interest about it, so he doesn’t read and study about Mathematics. Now who could concentrate during a Mathematics class? Who could even get a perfect score on a quiz? Who could obtain a higher grade at the end of the year? Who could completely understand all of its concepts if nobody knows their importance and their use in the real life and doesn’t even try to actually apply them?  No one, honestly, if and only if no one’s going to believe it.

Mathematics. Mental abuse to human being. The most awful thing from hell. The worst thing ever introduced to human society. But no one could ever change that because that’s what makes it exceptional, inimitable, distinctive, matchless, irreplaceable and rare; so be it.

“If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.”

Teenage Life: Problem & Solution

Teenage is a fundamental stage of life that each human being passes through. Some people face this period of their life strongly and positively, while others face many problems and difficulties. This depends on the environment these young adults live in–their parents, their friends, their living conditions, their education, and many other factors. Teenagers face many problems such as becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, being influenced negatively by their peers, self-image and weight, or even arguments with their parents.

But as a young teenybopper, I don’t have problems like those mentioned above. My problem is being a high school student, I have so many things to do and I need to manage my time properly to accomplish them; and having those tasks makes me sleep abnormally, that’s why I have tons of black bags here lying under my eyes, with wrinkles beside them reflecting signs of aging.

Being a student in a vocational technical school under the science curriculum, I am telling you it is indeed very hard to cope with 10 different subjects every day. Imagine, every school day we are given assignments in all subjects; every Friday, we are given requirements to be done on weekends and to be passed on Monday for all subjects; almost every day, we conduct long tests and graded oral recitations for all subjects; but those were just imaginations, I was just exaggerating, sorry for that.

But truly, I experience extreme stress and sometimes I become over fatigued due to school stuff. Sometimes, I only sleep for two to four hours, then wake up to go to school again.

Most teens don’t get enough sleep, but that’s usually because they’re overloaded and tend to skimp on sleep. Sleep problems can keep some teens awake at night even when they want to sleep.

Over time, those nights of missed sleep can build into a sleep deficit. People with a sleep deficit are unable to concentrate, study, and work effectively. They can also experience emotional problems, like depression.

Now, how am I supposed to deal with my problem? It needs a brilliant solution, indeed.

I am given two choices here: stop studying or stop sleeping. Just kidding (Sorry, I was trying to be a comedian here.)

Seriously, it is inevitable to undergo problems like mine, especially if you are a top-class student, and it is not always that you can solve it and not to experience it again.

And so I thought of many solutions. First is self-discipline and proper time management. Self-discipline provides a sensible freedom to individuals—freedom from laziness and expectations of others, and thus can lead to a properly spent time.

Second, since there’s still a possibility that I will deal with the same problem so I have to eat healthy and take care of myself by an intake of multivitamins and a regular exercise to prevent major effects of stress and lack of sleep.

Third is to be positive in life and paint a happy face, because a smile a day keeps the doctor away. :)

With God, everything is possible. :)