The Love that Made Me (My Parents’ Love Affair)

It started in the early 1990s when my mom worked as a cashier, in the famous two-storey Republic Shoppers Mart in Pagadian City before, where food and snacks, recommended drugs, clothing and footwear and cinema were available.

Once, my dad (the leader) and his colleagues (gang-like) were at the snacks center where my mom was assigned to manage in the counter. At the age of 24 with one daughter, she was as white as snow, ‘chinita’ with long black silky hair and a cute charming lady whom my dad was attracted to when he saw her for the first time. So when a waitress asked his group for their orders, he asked the waitress a favor to extend his ‘hello’ to my mom.

At that time, my dad was gangster-like high school teacher with round eyes and a slightly stout man with an average height. So my mom hidingly looked at him from a slit, not knowing my dad knew she was looking.

Days later, they started dating. At that time, my mom was still in a relationship, but because they were complicated, she dated my dad. We all know that before, gadgets were not a necessity and technology wasn’t that much introduced to such places. So they weren’t texting nor skyping; instead, they went out to places here and there, but my mom didn’t really try to ride on my dad’s motorcycle for she was afraid he might have brought her to such horrible place.

They continued dating until such time that my dad was hurt when my mom did not go to their meeting place. Her reason was her complicated boyfriend was there and she didn’t want him to know she was dating another. And that ended it all.

My dad never came back to that mart. He said, all efforts were wasted and he was serious that time. He avoided her as much he could for a year, until he moved on and forgot everything–saying it’s alright, she’s not the only woman in the world–that he came back to that mart not thinking he had a past there.

When she saw him, she called his attention and tried to apologize to him. Yes, he forgave her. He said he had already forgiven her long time ago, so she had nothing to worry about. She even asked her if she would like to start all over again, but that time, he wasn’t that serious like before. But they fell in love with each other, seriously this time.

In the year 1994, they were married and a year after my mom gave birth to my older sister. Temptations, problems, challenges and tests were there but fortunately, they were able to conquer all of them. And then three years later, a beautiful baby was born and please know that it was me. Last year, they were already 20 years married and they are still counting.

The Love that Made Me (My Parents’ Love Affair)

My First Love

They say love can pull your grades down, but for me, it depends upon the ones involved…

It all started when I was a first year high school student. It was an admiration at first sight, rather than love. At that time, he was in his third year. During their presentation on that morning’s convocation program, he wore a polo and shades and talked as if he was Alexander in that famous Philippine teleseries. He had a totally masculine voice, and I loved it. That locked me into him. And that was the first time I saw and met him from afar.

I wasn’t really into him that time. I already forgot him, until I met him on my way and saw his name at the back of his shirt–‘Earl Amiel Alvarado’. Then one day, my friend talked about him, that he picked her hanky that fell. And I found him a gentleman, and that was a second turn on. Then one time, I just found myself having a crush on him, not knowing he had a crush on me too (wow). During our district press conference, he wished me a good luck and then after my contest, we had our very first picture together.

The day then came, the 30th of October 2011, that I finally said yes. We cherished those times when we were together, when we went out of town to participate in DSPC’s & RSPC’s, during campings and even just in school. But we were not like others, that almost every hour of every day, they are together. Of course, we focused on our studies and that was our first priority. Until our first anniversary came which we celebrated at the church; there, we thanked & prayed to the Lord, and then wished for the length and strength of our relationship.

He is gentleman, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, totally matured, responsible, likable, respectful, courteous, trustworthy, determined, down-to-earth, always compliments me, romantic in his own way, caring and sweet, most of all he loves me like no other man could ever do; he makes me feel special, important, and protected, a husband material I can say. Probably the best man I ever knew after my dad.

I can’t remember the date, but he already introduced me to his parents when his youngest sister was baptized. Then, the second time that I went to his house was after his graduation, and there, I met some of his relatives. Later on, we came in to reality. We’ll not be seeing each other everyday like before. He had to go in college, in Cebu City, while I am still in my third year. But we promised that we’ll hold on, and we’ll be strong even though tough times may come.

But two days before we reach our 26th month together, we broke up. I mean, I broke up with him. Due to lack of communication? Maybe. Long distance? Possibly. But that wasn’t the first time we broke up, like, we had broke up a lot of times and then made up again. But after that, no more.

Months passed, I had a guy again. I loved him, but after many months, I realized half of my feelings were still into my first man. Yes, I regretted. Hundred miles between us, so feelings then faded. I felt like I’ve lost a single piece of gold left present in the whole wide world. I was a jerk for not letting him have another chance to lighten up our spark again for the nth time. One thing is for sure, that if he’ll found another and love her, I’d be really jealous and sad. And that was a lesson learned, not to make decisions when emotionally confused.

Summer came, he got my number from my friend and started sending me group messages. I knew it was him but I did not reply, until he texted me so I did. I apologized and we talked about the past. At least, I have explained to him. Everything was then clear to both of us and that guilt I felt vanished. We were just friends again, and I did not plan of breaking up with my present because I was afraid karma will haunt me. But my present guy was the one who broke up with me, we were almost six months together that time. I was hurt, but I realized maybe it was fate telling me I wasn’t really for him.

After we broke up, Amiel reached out to me and asked if he could court me again. I said yes but I told him not to expect.

The 30th of October 2014 came, and we’re supposed to celebrate our third anniversary that day. It was 12 midnight and I was asleep, until my phone vibrated on my hands. He sent me a long message, asking for my love again. How could I not say yes? It was an early gift for Christmas; I have been longing for it since I felt regret.

Recently, we are already three months together and we are still counting. This time, we become more mature, more understanding, more loving and more committed. We become stable and this time, we’ll never let go of each other again. We know, we can’t predict our future and we are open to the fact that we might not be together in the future, but we just spend our time together happily and treasure every moment so that we’ll not regret anything in the future.

But we are still hoping, and praying, that hopefully we are destined to be together forever.

My First Love

Media Log 3: The Perfect Father

Chasing Zeit.|

The commercial I chose is entitled “Silence of Love”, and it is Thai Life Insurance’s third highest-grossing commercial since July 2011. I have watched a number of their commercials, but none of them spoke to me the way this commercial did. The storyline is based on a troubled high school girl whose father is deaf-mute.

Thai Life Insurance, an insurance company situated in Bangkok, is  responsible for this tear-jerking commercial. The insurance company currently has the largest percentage of total sales revenue in the market, for their commercials never fail to go viral. While Thailand is known as the country whose capital is one of the most visited cities in the world and the only country in Asia that was not colonised, the world now also recognises it as the country that’s home to the most sentimental commercials. The Thai people freely bandy a round of jests that the company…

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Media Log 3: The Perfect Father

Eight Traits That Will Kill Any Marriage

Like a Deer Panting for Water...

At the young age of 18, I met my then future husband. I fell madly in love, and he felt the same way about me. Within weeks we were engaged and in less than a year, we were married. We were full time students and quite broke. Even though we stepped into adult roles very suddenly, our youth and immaturity was evident as we tried to manage both college and marriage. We were not very good at it and hurt each other deeply. In fact, we were quite unhappy, and to be honest, the only reason why we didn’t get a divorce was because we both believed in the Bible. We didn’t know many things, but there was one assurance we did have: God hates divorce. So, despite our immaturity, unhappiness, endless fights, and financial instability, the word divorce, never crossed our lips. We would stick together no matter what…

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Eight Traits That Will Kill Any Marriage

Member of the Band

It was a fine Saturday morning and we had our first meeting with “Ang Molave” staff. After the meeting, I and my group mates did our assigned task for our classroom structuring. I went home at 5 pm and unexpectedly, my mother told me about something. A man, commanded by his master, came to our house looking for me, and he said, there will be a gig at Salug Daku. I was shocked. I didn’t understand. I even asked my mom if she listened very well, she might have misinterpreted the information. (by the way, I was a lead vocalist back then when I was 11) She wasn’t even sure so I really went to their house to verify what he said.

I talked to his boss, a woman. I knew that her children will have a gig at that very night because her sister just arrived from Canada and she wanted to hear them. She told me if I am available and open for the band at Salug Daku, also as a practice for this coming 60th MVTS Anniversary (We, SSG, invited them to present as alumni). She just told me that they will just pick me up at our home at 7pm. So when I got home, I immediately prepared myself.

When we already arrived at the venue, I sang and presented without practice, but still I did well. Many have astounded and my parents were very proud of me, and that felt so good. 

The very overwhelming part was they were looking for another female vocalist and glad to say, my parents agreed and I am a new member of the band. I am really happy; I never expected I would be a vocalist for the second time, after my first band, Kiddi-kazee, composed of all kid musicians, stopped playing.

Member of the Band

Julelia Love Story #Julio Feels </3

First period in the morning, the time for our Physics. We were talking about forces, specifically to concurrent ones, so our teacher, Maam Lelia, expounded the viewpoint of the so-called state of equilibrium. She stated our lives as an example for that. She told us to balance our life, our academic life and our social life: to have a lover, going out with friends and family, enjoying life to the fullest. Then suddenly, our topic shifted to her love story way back when she was still a first year high school.

Her parents were strict and her aunt & uncle who adopted and sustained her education, were more strict than them. They don’t want her to accept courtship and have a boyfriend. Because they were professionals, they want her to focus on her education.

But she disobeyed them. She had a boyfriend when she was still a freshman, named Julio. So many words came out from people’s mouths and thrown to her: Flirt. Coquette. Dally. But she never did mind them, she knew her limits, she just wanted to have a commitment, no more beyond.

She was a top student before, but unluckily her boyfriend belonged to the last section, who always had a full basket of eggs every quiz.

When she graduated with flying colors in Bohol, they moved to Pagadian City, so she had left her man behind. They had a long distance relationship, but they were strong enough. When she went back to Bohol, Julio immediately crossed the river to visit her at her home. She found out that Julio didn’t continue his studies, due to poor ability of thinking. He was just an ordinary man, selling gravel and sand for a living. And that was the time when feelings changed.

She made him understand. She told him frankly, she was an ambitious woman. She wanted to marry a man, who is a professional, with flying colors like her. So they broke up.

Every when she went to her hometown to have a vacation, Julio was always as shy as a lame to talk to her or even look at her.

She came back to Pagadian City where she met another man, her husband today. He is also a teacher like her. They went to Bohol years after, and Julio was still the same man, digging for gravel and sand. They walked along the riverbank when they saw Julio digging. Julio then was strong enough to ask her, if the man she was with that time, was her boyfriend. She said yes.

The very heartbreaking part was when Julio told her that she was right. She made the right decision. If she stayed with him, he wouldn’t be able to marry her because he has no money. He couldn’t raise their family well. He couldn’t sustain them and satisfy their needs, especially her ambition. By the way, that time, Julio already had a wife. The were not married, and they had five children already.

I was touched. I cried. I felt so sad.

I learned, Ma’am told us that we should find a soul mate who is equal to our own pedestal level. The hurting part was, it breaks the love.

(To be honest, I was thinking about my own love story while listening. I was hurt, I made a mistake with the man having the same level with me. Idk how to express, kbye)

Julelia Love Story #Julio Feels </3